Everything That Goes Up Must Come Down!

Everything That Goes Up Must Come Down!

Derek helping me remove ornaments to pack away until next year.

Today is the day!! The holiday break down day, where we take down those 10 glorious trees and pack it all back into its boxes not to be seen for another 11 months.  How does the time fly so fast?  It seems like just yesterday we were putting it up — but it’s been a month and the twinkle on the branches isn’t quite as sparkly and novel as it was the night before Christmas.  

Removing the lights is Derek's task! 

But it’s shocking to me to think that in less than 4 weeks, we have entertained family in friends during multiple parties, we have cooked several turkeys and a few hams a well.  But the most important part of the four weeks and all this work to decorate the house are the comforting traditions we’ve honed to perfection through the years, the familiarity of old ornaments that come out of the box every year, maybe a little more tattered and torn, but just as valuable. They all bring a smile to our faces and a sense of being grounded in an often unsettled, untethered world.

Ornaments ready to return to their storage boxes until next year.

So back into the boxes these items go where, when we see them next, the same sense of anticipation, wonder and hope of the season will unfold once again. 

A lot of packing left to do today!!!

Much joy to you and yours,


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