Holiday Decorating and Party Planning is underway!

Holiday Decorating and Party Planning is underway!

The holiday's are a magical time of year for Rebecca and her family on Hemlock Lane Farm. The majestic setting of their farm lends for the most perfect canvas to spruce up for the holiday season. As Rebecca works away on designing beautiful Rebecca Ray holiday goods during the day, she is finding time to start her massive decorating process in the quite evenings.

Family Room

The family room is Rebecca's first room to decorate in her family's home.


family table

Now her nightly elf work is taking place in the dinning room. She uses many of her small antique farm animal figures mixed with holiday greenery and lights to convey the magic of the season.





While Rebecca continues to decorate and plan for having family and friends over during the busy holiday season, she wanted to share her go to holiday punch recipe.

From Rebecca: "This is the world’s easiest and best punch. Allow the frozen concentrates to get slushy. Just add all of these ingredients together and stir.   I’ve altered the recipe through the years and sometimes I even put some frozen berry/pink sherbet in it as it gives it a more frothy nature. You can always add other fruit - star fruit, blueberries, oranges, etc.   It’s always a crowd favorite.  It’s so good, I feel comfortable doing a party with just the punch bowl and wine, along with soft drinks. 


You can also make ice cubes or a jello mold ice ring to float in the punch bowl. Just pour water and halved cranberries, pomegranate seeds, torn mint, and the lemon and lime slices in the mold and freeze it the night before. 

And if you don’t have a punch bowl, they are SO easy to find.  Most antique malls have at least 3 or 4 vintage glass punch bowls to choose from and you don’t even need the glass punch cups to go with it. They are rarely pricey. Use festive small holiday cups that are so easy to find on line these days - Amazon being one of my best sources. Additionally, I just was perusing the shelves at our local TJMaxx  / HomeGoods store and apparently, Punch Bowls are making a comeback!!  They had plenty from which to select.  Don’t forget a pretty silver ladle.  A note card nearby with a name for the bunch and place the bowl on a Rebecca Ray Placemat on your designated bar counter/set up and lots of votives near the bowl and you are good to go!!

Rebecca’s Easy Holiday Punch Bowl (Adult Version)


1 Can or Frozen Pink Lemonade Concentrate (like Minute Maid)

1 Can of Frozen Cranberry Juice Concentrate

1 Can of Frozen Limeade Concentrate

1  Bottle of Chilled White Wine

1 Liter of Carbonated Club Soda

2 Bottles of Champagne

1 Sliced Lemon

1 Sliced Lime

Fresh Mint

Bag of Fresh Cranberries

Fresh Pomegranate Seeds (Optional)

Cheers and Happy Holidays, 


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