Rebecca’s Summer Reading List for Horse Lovers

Rebecca’s Summer Reading List for Horse Lovers

I adore reading and I’ve been an avid reader since I was young, when I’d sneak a flashlight under the covers and read my Nancy Drew Mysteries until all hours of the night.  My mother is an avid reader as well and she has all of the Marguerite Henry books with the wonderful color images, including the Album of Horses. One of the stories in Album of Horses was about the circus in Cleveland that had a fire and Skippy (the Morgan horse) and Patrolman Tony Welling led the animals to safety.  It's a true story with an Rebecca Ray Designs connection! My grandfather knew Skippy and would often pack carrots as treats to share with him on his way to work.  I, of course, loved all the classic horse stories: the Black Stallion series by Walter Farley, Billy and Blaze, by C.W. Anderson and the Sunbonnet series by Barbara vanTuyl. I could go on and on. But like many equestrian book lovers, my absolute favorite horse book then and now is Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. It was her only novel and what a profound one it is. I have an out-of-print biography about Anna Sewell that is an excellent read called Dark Horse: A Life of Anna Sewell by Adrienne Gavint.  Inspired by my love of reading and Anna Sewell's novel, you can understand why I am so proud and excited that here at Rebecca Ray Designs we have created an exclusive version of our Mary Ann equestrian tote  and Square pouch featuring one of my childhood heros, Black Beauty!

Our new Black Beauty Mary Ann Tote

I already snagged the new Black Beauty Square Pouch for my readers!

To celebrate my love of reading, all things equestrian and our beloved Black Beauty bags I thought I’d create a summer reading list for horse lovers. Pop on down to your local bookstore, or library or use the links to explore these great reads for horse lovers. After all, there’s nothing like a good escape into an equestrian book so take a look, I hope you’ll find something new to enjoy!


  • In the run up to Paris next month, The Horsewoman by James Patterson and Mike Lupica offers a peek into the world of Olympic-level show jumping. 
  • Horse, by Geraldine Brooks is a terrific read that I recommend to nearly every equestrian book-lover. 
  • The Mare, by Mary Gaitskill was a highly anticipated, “must read” book when it came out in 2016 and it’s still on my recco list for friends and fellow horsewomen.
  • Regency Romance your thing?  Check out The Belle’s of London by Mimi Matthews, starting with the Siren of Sussex.  
  • The Perfect Horse, by Elizabeth Letts, is the amazing story of how the Lippizan foundation sires were rescued from the Nazi’s during World War II. Letts also wrote The Eighty Dollar Champion which is another great equestrian read. 
  • A classic biography I find myself re-reading again and again is Seabiscuit, by Laura Hillenbrand. 
  • As long as we’re talking racehorses, I have to admit my favorite racing novel is probably still Walter Farley’s Man O’ War.
  • Mystery lovers might enjoy the foxhunting Sister Jane series by Rita Mae Brown, starting with Outfoxed.
  • And of course, for a good British racing mystery, the latest from Felix Francis who took over the racing mystery genre from his father (Dick Francis), is No Reserve.

The harness shop turns out such a quality product for us. The heavy duty canvas duck outside and medium weight canvas liner really make for a long lasting and beautiful pouch to be used for many years to come.

Best and enjoy,



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