Rebecca's Design Inspiration- Antiques

Rebecca's Design Inspiration- Antiques

Everyone always asks me what inspires the designs and creativity that makes Rebecca Ray products unique.  Other than the clear collecting issue I have (don't tell my husband), I always say I'm a frustrated merchandiser at heart. 

I love all things vintage!

I love how objects, print media and placement of those items create vignettes that have stories to tell. And to me, nothing speaks as loudly and tells intricate stories better than antiques and vintage items.  They all tell a story from an era where beautiful things were works of art and coveted and collected as such. People in those days didn't have voluminous, superfluous amounts of "things".  Most everything served a purpose and if it was just valued for artistic and decorative purposes, it was a prized possession.  

Equestrian tile art.

More tile art I recently found.

Besides my love of equine art and vintage treasures, I really have an affinity for all animals and items of nature. 

And, oh, the stories these items have to tell if only they could talk .Handmade, artisan, one of a kind. Much like a Rebecca Ray handbag.  Antique shows are the best place to attend so that you can learn about these pieces, many of which are the last vestiges of Early American Folk Art. I tend to zero in on an anything animal, equestrian or nature related.

Bovine oil painting.

Puppy pin cushion.

The photos featured below were all taken at the Western Reserve Historical Society's Antique Show based in Hudson, Ohio. An early March Show, it's always a harbinger of Spring and is a Spring creative reset for me.   And who knows, perhaps you'll see some design inspirations from this show later on in Rebecca Ray products!!

Lovely rocking horse and vibrant quilt.

Hand beaded top hat.

Pooch plate.

My personal favorite, horses! 

Equine oil painting.

Trotter weather vane.


Crystal and fruit, are great to add to any decor.

The curves, detail and patina often times give me design inspiration for my designs.




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