Spring Flowers at Hemlock Lane Farm

Spring Flowers at Hemlock Lane Farm

Spring Showers Bring May Flowers…

The other day, we had a nasty rain storm predicted and I couldn’t possibly bear the thought of losing all of the gorgeous Spring blooms here on the Farm to a windy rainstorm.  So, realizing it might be my last chance at some of these blooms for a year, I dashed out to the property and started picking like a wild woman. From the mounding Snowfall Viburnum at the front of our farmhouse porch, to the Lilac Topiaries to the grape hyacinth bulbs, everything here is just bursting with color. I really didn’t anticipate having as much to pick from but I came in the house with a huge bucket of blooms.  Lilacs can be really picky to display, but I plunged them into cold water immediately as I picked them and they have thrived.  I love using found containers and lots of midcentury pottery vases.

Everyday Items I use as Vases:

  • Gravy Boats
  • Used jam, pickle, and spaghetti jars
  • Sugar Bowls
  • Champagne Glasses 
  • Vintage Dog Bowls 
  • Mason Jars

All of the flowers that I arranged with are from the Farm.  I’ve also planted all of my annuals already - a little early I must admit, but we have had such a warn winter I think coldsnaps and frosts are behind us. 

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had time to  arrange flowers and for me it is cathartic.  After a particularly stressful two weeks that involved Jury Duty and a wicked cold that I passed along to Derek, having an evening to myself to pick and arrange flowers seemed almost decadent. 

So I guess my message to you is to truly take time to stop and admire, pick and arrange the flowers. And, enjoy the reset. And, after all of that, it never rained, stormed and ruined my flowers the next day on the Farm. Maybe nature was just teaching me a great lesson.



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