The Rebecca Ray Chef d’Equipe Day Tote

The Rebecca Ray Chef d’Equipe Day Tote

The story behind our newest star, the Rebecca Ray Chef d’Equipe day tote


The noun Chef d’Equipe’s origins are obviously French, but what does it mean? Rebecca Ray’s roots are deeply equestrian, utilizing the highest quality authentic bridle and harness leathers and hardware to create fashion that’s both gorgeous and functional. That’s where our newest and most popular designer handbag comes in - the Rebecca Ray Chef d’Equipe day tote

A term heard bandied about frequently at the highest levels of equestrian sport is “Chef d’Equipe”, which literally means Team Leader in English. Riders are the only Olympic-level athletes who are only half of a duo, in which the other half is non-human. This creates a pretty intense individuality with equestrian athletes, due to the complexity of moving up the competition ladder with a string of animal partners, to eventually, potentially, reach the highest levels of international team sport. It’s likely this individuality, along with the European influences on equestrian sport, that caused equestrians to call the head position Chef d’Equipe. (There are also coaches for various specialties, of course.)

The Chef d’Equipe organizes and travels with a particular equestrian team (each sport has its own team, of course) to all of the international competitions around the world, as well as the Olympics, the Pan American and World Equestrian Games. Each national equestrian team has a long list of job responsibilities but the Chef D’Equipe is typically responsible for the overall team management for major international competitions and has usually been a competitor themselves at the highest international levels. This “Team Leader'' supervises the training, preparation and well being of the horses and riders in a coordinated effort with the many components that fall into a competitive event and schedule, including stabling, scheduling, flying (horses and people), feed, veterinarians, officials and farriers.

To sum up, the position holds a lot of duties, and it requires a lot of, well, stuff.


Rebecca Ray Chef d’Equipe tote

The Rebecca Ray Chef d’Equipe tote comes in three luxurious and rich color pallets. All three bag colors feature a stunning red interior - not only fashionable but functional, because you can spot the item you need more easily against a bright background.


So what’s so special about Rebecca Ray’s all-new Chef d’Equipe Day Tote?


This tote is likely the most comfortable tote you will ever carry. Let’s start with its by-hand, benchmade construction on a treadle sewing machine right here in America. The outside is made out of a waxed cotton canvas, just like your favorite Barbour® jacket. That canvas is water-resistant and is easily cleaned with a damp rag. If the patina gets too scratched for your taste, simply re-smooth it with a hot hair dryer until the wax remelts like new. It’s virtually indestructible! 

All the hardware is equestrian-grade solid nickel, beautifully paired with narrow, top stitched bridle leather handles that conform to you like your reins, and fabulous details such as a leather interior zipper pocket, three additional easy-reach pockets, a hidden top clip closure, bridle leather side-tightening slips and a bright red canvas interior for all three bag colors. No detail was too small to marry elegance with practicality.

In short, this bag does it all,  just like an Equestrian Chef d’Equipe! It’s practical, efficient, it holds up in all weather, it can serve many purposes, go tons of places and stow everything you need, easily to hand. It’s at home at the local market or at the most exclusive ringsides.


Chef d’Equipe day tote
The Chef d’Equipe day tote is adorned with sublime bridle leather handles and side-tightening slips, paired with a highly durable, practical but gorgeous waxed cotton canvas, just like your favorite Barbour® jacket! 


What is in Rebecca’s Chef d’Equipe?


Lots! Rebecca just wore hers to her daughter’s horse show last weekend and she effortlessly carried:

A continental wallet

A ruffled silk scarf

Makeup pouch

Tylenol (much needed)

Readers (not getting any younger…!)


Lip Balm (it was freezing cold!)

Hand wipes


Face masks

Hand sanitizer


Daily Program




That’s some stuff!


Are you ready to be stylishly organized and prepared for anything?


The all-new Rebecca Ray Chef d’Equipe day tote is in stock now in all three fabulous colors! As with all Rebecca Ray handbags and totes, because they are benchmade in America, stock is limited, so don’t delay in ordering yours to be sure you get the color - or colors! - you desire.

chef d’equipe features

To keep you stylishly organized, the Chef d’Equipe features a leather interior zipper pocket, three additional easy-reach pockets, and a neatly hidden top clip closure.

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