The Women of Rebecca Ray Designs

The Women of Rebecca Ray Designs

Horses, Women, and Handbags

From the desk of Rebecca…
A wise entrepreneur once told me to remember that every “overnight success” company making the news was at least 15 years in the making. Rebecca Ray Designs is no different. Raising companies (much like children) is frankly just downright hard work, and anyone who tells you differently is fibbing.

Late fall 2021, Rebecca Ray launched our all-new website that represents dozens of peoples’ combined efforts and talents. I thought, if we are new to you, perhaps you might enjoy knowing a little about the extraordinary team of women who have worked so hard to bring you an even better version of the original Rebecca Ray as the brand continues to grow.

Meet the Women of Rebecca Ray Designs

Jenny Beverage, director of operations, is the glue that holds this team together and herds the creatives (who tend to be harder to herd than cats). Perhaps Jenny is so good at this because when she’s not sitting at her desk, she’s riding on the most glorious ranges of remote North Eastern Oregon where she manages her family’s 150 Cow/Calf Black Angus commercial cattle and small flock of hair sheep. It’s real life Yellowstone without the drama! 
Rebecca Ray Designs Director of Operations Meet Jenny! She’s the director of operations here at Rebecca Ray Designs. She keeps this machine well oiled, and her decades of experience with ambitious equestrian brands combined with her busy life as a mom and cattle rancher bring an invaluable level of dedication and commitment to our operation!


Professionally, Jenny was instrumental in the success of Troxel Helmets and spent 15 years making horsemen and women around the word safe with leading technology. As a mom and wife, Jenny never misses a wrestling tournament or a 4-H club meeting while she juggles Rebecca Ray and all the details to make these gorgeous products available to you seamlessly. Cowgirl by lunch, operations director by day, brilliant multi-tasker at all times. Jenny makes it look easy!



Then, I’ll bet you wonder how we come up with all this fabulous art that we put on all of our luxury cards, home goods, accessories like silk scarves, and the fronts of some of our beautiful bags. Another of the integral women of Rebecca Ray Designs is our director of art Pam Breece, MBA, college professor, business owner, and mom from Arizona, has been horse crazy since forever, and launched her company Pony Macaroni years ago. 

 Pony Macaroni and CharlieMeet Pam! A chance meeting between Rebecca and Pam ended up a “match made in heaven,” producing some of the most authentic, sophisticated and whimsical equestrian art you’ll find anywhere. Rebecca finds antique art pieces and equestrian ephemera, and Pam channels the designs into beautiful, relevant art using her insane illustration skills.


And when she’s sitting at her desk, her paint horse Charlie lets himself into the house to check on her work. He’s quite the personality, Charlie’s Instagram following far outnumbers all of ours combined!

As for me… well, I’ve been riding since my uncle delivered Peanuts, a naughty little bay Shetland pony that appeared when I was just a toddler. Peanuts and I grew up together, and my love affair with horses just never waned. Many, many horses and hours in the saddle later, I have shown hunters, fox-hunted, and the last 12 or so years my husband Derek and I have been raising driving and conformation Percherons. My husband and I met while both riding for Miami University (Ohio), and now our daughter Lizzie is a highly accomplished equestrian riding for Miami as well. We also raise champion show dogs, and believe me when I tell you that, according to my husband, the movie Best in Show was not a satire but a documentary of our life! But by education, I have always been interested in providing our high school students with innovative, real world skills that teach them how to be lifelong contributors to our communities, and showing dogs is a great platform for that.
Rebecca Ray Designs team

Meet Me (Rebecca)! My love for horses began with a pony named peanut, and my passion has only grown since. My passion carries over to the Rebecca Ray Designs Team as I direct, add my creative influence from start to finish, and continue to appreciate quality not only from my breeding operations but from my gorgeous handmade designer line of goods.



I hope you enjoyed meeting our lovely ladies!



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