What Makes Fall at Hemlock Lane So Special?

What Makes Fall at Hemlock Lane So Special?

Fall at our Hemlock Lane Farm has always been special to me but until now I’ve never really stopped long enough to think about why.  When my husband and I lived in California for his work, I used it tease my friends that we experienced “faux” holidays.  Not because it wasn’t beautiful weather but the change in seasons really eluded me and my balance and measurement of the milestones of the years. 


Local Fall pumpkins for decorating the farm.


Derek and our Perchron girls drag in early fall/late summer before the leaves start to drop.


As a thoroughly Midwestern Girl, my measurement of the year’s activities always center around the season.  And I found out, I’m not good in a seasonless environment. Especially Fall and Holiday/Winter.  The Fall Harvest on a farm, whether a working farm or not, lends itself to the visuals and reminders of simpler times. Cold crisp mornings when the horses feel fresh and its vest weather for the humans, the leaves beginning to drop from the myriad of fiery red and orange backdrop behind a crisp white farmhouse and barn. Evenings and weekend football games, homecoming dances, while hearth and home come into focus. The leaves crunch under foot, the first fires in the fireplace, canning on the stove and an abundance of harvest.  


The horse barn this Fall at Hemlock Lane Farm.


Symone our spoiled barn kitty who gets locked up every night in the tack room so he is safe and cozy.


At our house its Apples, Peaches and rows and rows of Concord Grapes.  There are pumpkins, mums and cornstalks everywhere, the light of the day at both ends dwindles and I instantly have an incessant need to nest and clean. Hayrides and costumes, heavy quilts on the bed and lingering weekend mornings under the covers.  For some reason, I’m not a January cleaner, I am an October Organizer!  


Rows of our Concord Grapes. They are beautiful but also a lot of work!


I love being creative with our front entry.


This is my favorite way to display flowers in the fall.


And of course, the most fun for me, the frustrated merchandising and staging person, is the display.   Every year I try to come up with different twists for my pumpkins, from painting silhouettes on them to monogramming them with our farm initials.  I also love to use Oasis on the pumpkins or hollow them out for arrangements usually using fall leaves, drying hydrangeas and other pieces and parts I forage from the yard.  All in all, I find Fall to be, ironically, such a charming time - the harbinger to Winter and all it brings even thought it signals the year coming to an end.  What will your 2024 Fall story be? 

Another favorite way to decorate in the fall is to deck out my many statues around the farm.

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